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Garbage Disposals

Foul odors coming from your garbage disposal are usually caused by lingering food particles. To remove these particles, place a handful of ice cubes into the garbage disposal  and allow the ice to sit for 3-5 minutes before turning the disposal on. Then, run the disposal until the noise of the ice being chopped has stopped. Turn off the disposal and fill the sink basin with cold water. After the basin is full, remove the stopper and allow the water to drain completely. The ice will help sharpen the blades and, along with the rush of cold water, will help to remove odor-causing food particles. If your garbage disposal will not turn on, push the reset button, typically found on the bottom of the disposal. If it still won’t turn on, make sure the disposal is plugged in and reset the appropriate breaker box.  A garbage disposal that hums when turned on but, does not spin is likely jammed. Before addressing this situation turn off the garbage disposal and unplug it, then visually inspect the disposal. If you see a foreign object, remove it, taking care not to cut yourself on the blades. If there is no object impeding the blades, attempt to rotate the blades, using a tool, (the handle of a wooden spoon works well) not your fingers. 


Do turn cold water on fully before turning on your garbage disposal.

Do carefully push food scraps into the disposal. Never place fingers or utensils into the disposal while it is running.

Do continue running the disposal and cold water for an additional 20-30 seconds, after all of the debris has been disposed of, to ensure all of the material is carried away.


Don’t use your garbage disposal for all kitchen waste. Garbage disposals are meant to conveniently carry away food scraps. However, some food debris is damaging to your garbage disposal. Using your disposal for materials that are too dense, hard, fibrous and/or starchy can cause it wear out prematurely, function less efficiently and, eventually, stop working. Never put non-food items in your garbage disposal.

Examples of food items that should NOT go in your garbage disposal include:

*fruit pits                                          *celery                          *rice

*corn cobs                                       *asparagus                   *potato peels

*egg shells                                      *corn husks                   *pasta

*coffee grounds                             *rhubarb                        *grease.

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