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Feed BloNo Kids & Platinum Plumbing

Currently, Platinum Plumbing is able to offer our full array of services to Bloomington-Normal and surrounding areas. Our service technicians are here to meet your needs with minimal contact and quick resolve. During these trying times, Platinum Plumbing has partnered with other small businesses and community members to found Feed BloNo Kids. We are raising money, purchasing food, cooking it and distributing it to ensure that nutritional needs of all the children in our community are met. If the children in your family are in need of these services, or you would like to learn more, volunteer or donate please visit

The flyer below has the most up to date pick-up locations around Bloomington-Normal.


Do stay informed of the situation as events and advisories are rapidly evolving. Credible resources include the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Do practice good hand hygiene and wash your hands frequently, especially before you eat, after you use the restroom.

Do be mindful of what you surfaces you are touching and how frequently you are touching your face.


Don’t put your shoes on surfaces you may touch. We know that the coronavirus can sustain itself on surfaces, but don’t yet know how long. Since we don’t typically sanitize the bottom of our shoes, we should try to avoid contact of shoes with jackets, scarves, purses, pens or other surfaces we commonly touch.

Don’t plan “play dates” for your kids if they are not in school. The reason schools are closed is because of “social distancing” and getting a number of kids and parents together defeats that purpose by increasing contact. 

Don’t shake hands or give hugs as greetings. Use an alternative greeting that maintains 6-8 feet of distance.

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