Sump pumps are a necessity for structures that are at risk for water damage. Structures at risk for water damage include; those with a history of burst pipes, those in low lying areas,those in climates with heavy precipitation, crawl spaces and basements. They prevent mold, mildew, rot, certain pest infestations and water damage to walls, foundation, flooring, and personal property. They help stabilize surface soil and prevent some unnecessary water damage that can come from burst pipes and overflowing water. In many areas sump pumps are required by building codes and home owner’s insurance. We can help you determine the necessity of a sump pump, help you choose one that suits your needs, install it, and maintain it.

Pedestal Pumps

    Pedestal sump pumps are installed in a low lying area of your home.  They are generally less expensive than submersible pumps and are made to remove excess water and small bits of debris from your home.  The motor of these pumps sits above floor level and is easy to access for maintenance and repairs. If properly maintained pedastel pumps can last up to 25 years.

Submersible Pumps

    Submersible Pumps are discrete and installed beneath the floor of your home.  These pumps are more discrete and pose less of a risk to small children and pets. While the lifespan of these pumps 5-15 years they are less likely to clog than pedestal pumps and are better able to remove debris that can come with unwanted water.

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