The quality of tap water varies by source, location, age of infrastructure and a variety of other factors.  Platinum Plumbing is here to help you address any concerns you have about your water quality. To ensure that your tap water meets the needs of you and your family you may want to consider installing a water quality system, filter or softener. We will help you with the selection and maintenance of a system to meet your needs.

Water Purification and Treatment Systems

    Whole house water filtration systems treat water as it enters your home. They reduce chlorine, sediment and other unwanted material commonly found in tap water. They can also help to soften your water to reduce mineral scale and build up.   Whole house filtration systems use typically function in a step by step process to bring you clean, filtered water. These filtration systems can contain, activated carbon, charcoal, ceramic or alumina to filter out sediments and unwanted chemicals. They can facilitate ion exchange to soften water and stop mineral buildup and they can use reverse osmosis and/or distillation to purify water even further. Smaller, more simplified versions of these systems can be fitted under sinks to filter the water coming out of individual taps.

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